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Why do we say the community that's "Just Right?"

We've been working with business owners for decades and we found that they had trouble finding a label that fit.

"Entrepreneur" and it's associated characteristics felt too big. Even if the business owner wanted to grow and expand, the metrics of 10x in 5 years and searching for venture capital didn't fit. The networking groups with entrepreneurs didn't seem like the right crowd, either.

The other option, "Small Business Owner" felt too small and restrictive, as did the groups and programs geared towards this group. 

*Passionate Business Owner is a term we coined a term that bridges the two categories. Think of Passionate Business Owners as Goldilocks in the business world. 

They seek a balance that is "just right." They share the entrepreneur’s drive for improvement and growth but combine it with the small business owner’s commitment to personal values and lifestyle balance. 

Passionate business owners are deeply invested in their business, actively involved in day-to-day operations, and eager to grow, but not at the expense of their personal life or core values. 

This approach means that their business expands steadily but remains sustainable and aligned with their long-term life goals.

We created a community that feels "just right" for and by Passionate Business Owners. 

We'll help you build a foundation that lasts and support you to a level of sustainable growth.


Support, Accountability and Growth

Join other business owners who are building businesses that last


Meet and connect with other business owners who want to learn about your business and help you grow


Find accountability partners in the group or use the coaches to help you stay committed 


Co-Working Zoom sessions where we get together and tell each other what we're working on. Report back when time is up!


Office Hours for your Q&A sessions and Hot Seat sessions available. Even if you can't attend live, you can submit questions and watch the recording

Workshops and Intensives

Special pricing on new workshops and Bricks or Sticks offerings. Mini sprints and intensives throughout the year, focus in on specific areas of your business

Guest Experts


We'll tap into our network of experts to bring you the best know-how in different areas. Special opportunities for community members to host Expert sessions, too!

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