Build YOUR foundation for a business that lasts


Learn how to level-up your business by focusing on the four pillars that most strategy and marketing experts ignore.

Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned business owner, we'll show you how to go from surviving to thriving.

You can ENJOY your business again. 


Four Pillars–A Proven Approach

Learn what it takes to set goals and reach them.

See how to go from starting the day answering emails, reacting and putting out fires to working on your most important tasks and handling whatever the outside world throws at you with ease.

To run a successful business you need a solid foundation in place.

Until now, you’ve done pretty well without a detailed strategic plan and by relying on your grit and determination to succeed


You worry. A LOT.

Despite all the worrying, you know you and your business are capable of so much more.

What if…

You could examine the foundation of your business and shore it up so that you 

  • Build a plan with goals and milestones and know exactly how to execute it
  • Know how to get help seeing past your blind spots
  • Understand how to adapt to external events without freaking out (for too long)
  • Connect with your ideal clients in an authentic way
  • Learn to embrace discipline and accountability (even if you hate rules)

You can!

That’s why we created this workshop

We’ve spent decades working with business owners and tracking their results after helping them put "Four Pillars" in place.

Now, we want to help even more business owners learn this framework and coach them as they implement the frameworks and strategies. 


This is for you if you're:

  • Just getting your business started and want to create a solid foundation and plan
  • Open-minded and willing to learn a new way to look at your business and traditional business tools and strategies
  • Leveling-up your business and want to grow right
  • Ready to use tools like business plans even though you hate goal-setting
  • Looking to stop putting out fires and to do work that moves the needle
  • Wanting to worry less so you can do more (and sleep better!)
  • Someone who has taken a lot of courses before and not implemented the material. You may find that with these pillars in place, you can go back and use the tactics you learned!

This is not for you if you're

  • Not willing to take an honest look at your business
  • Looking for a way to 5x or 10x your business. This workshop is about setting up the foundation so you can map out those kinds of goals in the future
  • Seeking a proven step-by-step system to get you to (pick the revenue goal of your choice)
  • Hoping someone else will do the work for you. We'll be teaching and coaching, but you'll be implementing
  • Seeking a course on how to build out your social media following
  • Convinced your business outcomes are only impacted by external outcomes
  • Not excited to be part of a vibrant community of business owners

Most business building courses teach sales and marketing tactics

What you really need is a solid foundation–that's what will make all of your sales and marketing efforts work. 

Typical business strategies and tactics

  1. How to scale your business to 6, 7 or 8-figures
  2. Ways to build your social media platforms and followers
  3. Tips for optimizing your website
  4. What you need to do to close more sales

Four Pillars you need in place BEFORE you build out your sales and marketing activities. 

  1. Knowing your business type
  2. GPS Planning
  3. DCA
  4. Brand Essence and Messaging

Most business experts and consultants don't talk about foundational work because it's BORING

You know what's not boring? Having a successful business!

If you're building a house, what is the most fun part? Building a Pinterest board with the sexy, shiny interior design items.

Most business courses focus on the fun, shiny tactics and strategies to scale or grow to achieve business nirvana.

There’s a place for those tactics–just like it’s important to decorate your house to make it a home.

But, if you don’t have a solid foundation the tactics won’t work.

No sense in picking the perfect shade of grey and oiled brass fixtures for the cabinets if the house is going to fall down.

The methodical practice of...

  • Figuring out what kind of business you have
  • Knowing how to run it
  • Understanding how to build a GPS plan
  • Learning where to find your board of advisors
  • Surrounding yourself with people who will help you stay disciplined, accountable and committed
  • Making some powerful mindset shifts
  • Developing authentic internal and external brand messaging

...Is what it really takes to grow your business.


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Let us introduce ourselves


Jocelyn Ring profile_hires

Jocelyn Ring 

Jocelyn is the Founder of The Ring Effect and a brand strategist and leadership coach. She helps small and medium-sized businesses "look as good on the outside as they do on the inside" by transforming and clarifying their business strategy and brand so they can achieve their next level of growth.

She has consulted with organizations in consumer products, technology, healthcare, hospitality, professional services, manufacturing and retail.

Prior her career in brand strategy, she worked at on Wall Street in Corporate Finance and Equity Research where she covered multi-industrial companies. She has an MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business and in very right-brain/left-brain fashion has a BA in Economics and Art History from Hamilton College.

Fun fact: Jocelyn's clients have referred to her as a "Horse Whisperer for Businesses" which is fitting since she has two horses for co-workers. Ollie and Boo co-facilitate some of her leadership development programs.

Brian Moran - 2022 headshot - crop

Brian Moran 

Brian is the Founder & CEO of Brian Moran & Associates, as well as Small Business Edge. Brian is dedicated to helping business owners overcome obstacles and realize their dreams. He helps them run better, more efficient companies by building a "GPS plan," assembling a board of advisors, and developing an accountability strategy.

Prior to joining the world of entrepreneurship, Brian spent 22 years in publishing, with senior roles at the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and Success Magazine. He was President of Veracle Media and Moran Media group that published three national magazines for the small-to-midsize business market.

Brian is a board member on several small business organizations and is a strategic advisor to business owners and entrepreneurs around the globe. He has a degree in Journalism from Marquette University.

Fun Fact: Brian survived being chased by a bull and struck by lightning. He believes in Karma and plays the lottery every week for $2.

Obstacles you might be facing

How do we recognize these obstacles? Because we've faced them, made mistakes addressing them, and so have our clients.

  • Flying by the seat of your pants, because it works...kind of
  • Not making a business plans because it seems too overwhelming
  • Growing your business the wrong way and not knowing how to course correct
  • Failing to plan for the future because you couldn't possibly imaging (or handle) all of the "what ifs"
  • Avoiding goal setting because if you don't reach them, you don't want to deal with the disappointment of letting people and yourself down 
  • Ignoring "mindset" work because it sounds too ambiguous
  • Knowing you and your business are capable of much more, but not knowing how to tap into that potential

Want to hear the good news?

You're not the only one who's faced obstacles or made mistakes. There are ways get around obstacles and recover from mistakes. 

When you implement the Four Pillars, you get radical clarity about your type of business, how to plan, ways to manage your mindset, and how to make smart decisions. 

Once you have a foundation in place, THEN you can put the right strategies and tactics into practice and make progress toward your goals. 


Wouldn't it be fun to build a plan that you actually use, reach your goals and have peace of mind about your business?

And to know how to keep adjusting and growing your business no matter what life throws at you?

Once we distilled these foundational pillars and coached our clients on how to implement them, we saw that it could a be fun and rewarding way to run your business.

Much more fun than having your business run you. 



We love helping business owners succeed

That's why we created this workshop.

To help you end the vicious cycle of putting out fires, losing sleep, putting out more fires and agonizing over every decision.

Once you have the Four Pillars in place, THEN you can move forward and make SMART decisions about which tactics to implement vs. looking for shiny objects that promise to solve all of your business problems.


Introducing Bricks or Sticks



Learn the "Four Pillars" you need to create a solid foundation so you can grow your business and employ the right tactics at the right time. Understand how to stay in alignment with the foundation and make smart decisions.


Most of us aren't aware of the thousands of thoughts that pass through our mind and move us through life on autopilot. Identify your thoughts and learn how to shift them so you can reach your goals. This pillar is a gamechanger.


We're going to share the framework and tools AND show you how to put them into practice. The best part is that you can find a way to make the Four Pillars work for you. You don't have to follow a step-by-step rigid plan.


The most valuable part of this our workshop will be live coaching calls where you can ask questions, get coached and learn from other participants. We'll also be active in the private FB group so you can ask away there.

What's with the workshop name

"Bricks or Sticks?"

If you've read the story of the "Three Little Pigs," you know that one pig built its house from straw, another with sticks and the third with bricks.

The first two houses were blown down by the big bad wolf.

The brick house withstood the wolf's attempts and that pig went on to build an empire (or at least that's what we heard).

When your business is built on a shaky foundation, small missteps might have consequences that are tough to recover from.

When your foundation is solid, you might get knocked down, but you won't get knocked out. 

We'll help you examine your foundation and rebuild it with bricks.

3 little pigs sketch

We created this workshop because when we worked with clients on projects, 99% of the time we had to take a step back and look at the foundation before we could implement sales, marketing or branding tactics.   

Lucky for you, we love the foundational pieces that many other people find boring. 

These foundational pillars work for every industry. Whether your business is:

  • Product based
  • Service based
  • Retail
  • Online
  • Brick and mortar
  • In the early stages
  • Has been around for a few years
  • Small (just you)
  • Has a large team in place

Learning and implementing the foundational pillars will help everything else you’re doing click (Finally!)

But what about all the ups and downs in business?

In the past, your business may have felt like a roller coaster. You bought a ticket and put the bar down across your lap, but you had no idea the twists, turns and free falls you’d face.

Come on, who had "Global Pandemic" in their strategic plan? 

The ups and downs of a rollercoaster will always make you feel like you're in the passenger seat.

There's no other strategy but to react and respond.

Shift from roller coaster rider to skilled mountain climber  

Even with the foundations in place, you’ll still have ups and downs and twists and turns BUT we want it to feel more like an adventure you’re choosing, like conquering the seven summits rather than being a passenger on the Cyclone.

No more reacting and possibly feeling like you’re going to throw up.

You'll learn how to take intentional action to climb the peak in front of you, then how to climb the next ones after that.

The new you looks at your GPS Plan, speaks with your board of advisors, puts accountability in place and moves forward.

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When you join this workshop, here's what you get

We've boiled the workshop down to the essential components that will help you make progress. No busy work or fluff included.

Portal to log in to

You'll be able to access all of the content as soon as it drops and catch up on live call replays throughout the workshop

On-demand content

We'll give you access to content as soon as you join. You can complete on your own schedule. 

Videos and Audio

You can watch the material at your own pace. We've made it so the lessons are concise and easy to absorb #nofluff


We've created questions, diagnostics, checklists and exercises for you to put the material into practice.

Alumni Group


You'll receive an invite to our Alumni Group launching in 2024. It's a place to network with fellow workshop participants and to ask us questions and join live calls. 

Upgrade to 1-1 coaching option

You can select the Deluxe version which adds TWO 1-1 coaching calls. One with Brian and one with Jocelyn. Special rates for this workshop $300 off regular rates!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, take a look through this list. If you still have questions, you can email us

Click Here To Ask Questions

Yes, you can purchase the Deluxe version which includes TWO 1-1 coaching calls. One with Brian and one with Jocelyn. These are specially priced for this workshop at a savings of $300 off our regular rate.

Yes. The four pillars work for any business and it's industry agnostic. These elements are the foundation. You can implement industry or business-specific strategies and tactics on top of these pillars.

You'll have access for as long as we have the class up in the portal. If we ever retire this content, you'll receive a notice ahead of time. (We don't have any plans to retire it anytime soon).

Ready to get started?

Build a foundation for a business that lasts

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Still Reading?

We'd guess that you're extremely committed to building your business.

You've invested in courses, coaches, consultants, strategies, tactics and six steps that made big promises.

We love helping business owners like you get clear on their foundation so you can get to work on the important things in your business and reach your goals.

Putting the Four Pillars in place can help you shift from reactive and frazzled to proactive and intentional.